Top Five Islamic Universities in the USA

In order to stimulate the mind and develop spirits, Islamic universities in the USA have evolved into major educational institutions over time. With a variety of courses and programs that are based on Islamic principles, these schools have successfully merged religious beliefs and modern educational standards. So, let’s take a deep into the five top Islamic institutions in America. The USA.

  1. Zaytuna College

In the year 2008 Zaytuna College located in Berkeley, California, made history by becoming being the only recognized Muslim college of liberal studies located in the USA. The college is known as a prestigious academic institution with rigorous program Zaytuna provides both masters and undergraduate degrees with a focus on Islamic Law and Theology, as well as an liberal arts education that offers classes in literature, philosophy along with social and human sciences.

Incorporating the Classics

Zaytuna College is unique in its dedication to classic texts of The Islamic knowledge tradition. The professors here don’t just instruct, but also are engaged with these texts, passing on wisdom passed over generations.

  1. American Islamic College

American Islamic College situated in the heart of Chicago is a school that is where Islamic culture meets contemporary American culture. The college offers Master’s and Bachelor’s degree programs on Islamic Studies, AIC also offers courses in Arabic language as well as Quranic studies.

The Blending Of Islamic and American Education

At AIC the students are able to have an educational experience that is steeped within and influenced by both American Liberal Arts tradition as well as Islamic principles, creating an unique atmosphere of spiritual and cultural enrichment.

  1. Bayan Claremont

The school is located in Claremont, California, Bayan Claremont is an advanced school that offers Master’s and Doctoral qualifications that cover Islamic Studies, Education, Chaplaincy and leadership. What distinguishes Bayan Claremont apart is its goal to educate the next generation of Muslim leaders and scholars to serve the various American Muslim communities.

Building Future Leaders

At Bayan Claremont Leadership skills are entwined with theology. In Bayan Claremont, you’re not only getting a degree, but making a difference in your local and wider world.

  1. Islamic Online University

Islamic Online University (IOU) adopts a different method of offering a wide range of degree programs that are accredited online. With IOU students, they can earn Master’s, Bachelor’s and Doctoral degree programs with degrees in Islamic Studies, Psychology, Education, and many more in within the privacy of their home.

Breaking the Boundaries

IOU removes geographical barriers that could prevent individuals from taking up the path of an Islamic education. It is a digital-first institution and allows students around the world to learn from renowned Islamic experts.

  1. Islamic American University

In 2003, the university was established. Islamic American University (IAU) is a prestigious institution located in Southfield, Michigan. With Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees available, IAU is a renowned institution. within Islamic Studies, it nurtures future leaders under the guidance of experienced and highly qualified academics.

Serving the American Muslim Community

At IAU The focus will be on service to people from the American Muslim community. IAU prepares students for the role of scholars, Imams, and leaders, who are able to meet the unique issues facing Muslims across the USA.


The five top Islamic schools located in the USA The top five Islamic universities in the USA – Zaytuna College, American Islamic College, Bayan Claremont, Islamic Online University as well as Islamic American University They offer an array of distinctive and memorable experiences. Each one is distinctive in its approach, but they all share the same goal to provide a comprehensive education that is firmly grounded in Islamic principles. You can choose an experience on campus that is traditional or prefer the freedom of online education, these schools give you the skills and knowledge required to have a significant difference in the Islamic and wider global community.

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