Dua e mustajab in Arabic with English and Urdu Translation

Asalamo Alaikum,
Respected viewer, I am Syed Ali Shah, and I am going to tell you about one of the most influential Islamic duas.
What is Dua e Mustajab?
Dua e Mustajab is a very authentic and valuable prayer for Muslims. It has very significant value in Islam because people consider it an accepted dua.
Let me explain the meaning of Dua Mustajab.
Dua Mustajab is an Arabic term that contains two words. The first word is Dua, which means “prayer or supplication,” and the second is “Mustajab,” meaning “accepted.” The concept of dua is a personal connection between the believer and the divine. It shows the highest level of trust and confidence in Allah.

Dua Mustajab is a heartfelt prayer for Muslims to Allah. In Islam, every sincere prayer made with conviction is believed to be answered by the Almighty. Muslims believe that Dua Mustajab is accepted Dua by Allah.

Importance of Dua Mustajab for Muslims

For Muslims, when they make dua, it’s not only a routine but a perfect way to talk with Allah. Dua Mustajab is a big deal because it really highlights how strongly we believe that God, or Allah, is actively involved in our lives. When we say and put our faith in Dua Mustajab, it shows that we trust in God’s grand plan, and we comfort ourselves with the knowledge that he’s always wise and knows what he’s doing.

Conditions for an Accepted Supplication

Conditions for Dua e Mustajab

Certain conditions can increase the likelihood of a Dua being accepted:

  • Sincerity: The supplicant should make Dua with a sincere heart, believing in the power of Allah to answer.
  • Timing: There are certain golden moments when your prayers are more likely get to through, for instance, during the late hours of the night, when you’re fasting, between the call to prayer and the start of prayer, after performing required prayers, and definitely on Fridays.
  • Praising Allah and Sending Blessings on the Prophet: Starting the Dua by praising Allah and sending blessings upon Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) can draw one closer to Allah.
  • Praying for Others: The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: “Whenever you make a supplication for another believer and he is not present, an angel will say: ‘and may you have the same'” (Muslim).
  • Avoiding Hasty Supplications: One shouldn’t be impatient if their Dua is not immediately answered. Some supplications might be answered later or in unexpected ways.

An essential aspect of obtaining Dua Mustajab is understanding the conditions that make a supplication more likely to be accepted. These include ensuring that one’s income and sustenance are lawful, being persistent in the supplication, and avoiding asking for something sinful or cutting family ties.

The significance of Dua Mustajab in the Quran

The Quran, Islam’s holy scripture, emphasizes the importance of supplication and how Allah responds to those who call out to Him. Various verses in the Quran highlight the prominence of Dua Mustajab and the assurance that every sincere supplication will find an answer, even if it’s in ways that the supplicant might not expect.

Dua Mustajab in Arabic

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The core meaning of Dua Mustajab stays the same no matter the language, but diving into its translations can give you a closer look at this potent prayer. Here is the complete Dua e Mustajab in Arabic.

Dua e Mustajab in English Image

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