About Dua e Istikhara

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DUA E ISTIKHARA is an online Islamic organization providing Islamic information. We always focus on making Muslims aware worldwide in the light of the Quran and Sunah. The main objective of Dua e Isitkhara is to serve Muslims by using modern technology.

DUA E ISTIKHARA was founded in 2022 by Syed Ali Shah Bukharai. We have a team of well-educated Muslim scholars, males, and females. The CEO of DUA E ISTIKHARA, Syed Ali Shah, has 12 years of information technology experience and religious background.

So the combination of IT and religious background is the primary reason behind starting this online platform. 

Our Vision: DUA e ISTIKHARA is utilizing information technology to spread the message of Islam globally.

Our Mission: Our main objective is to make unity among Muslims. We try to discuss only the common faith among Muslim sects.

Our Services: We focus on publishing essential content for Muslims. We are trying to provide a Q&A session in the next phase with the help of top religious scholars InShAllah.

Being Syed, we will try to solve the problems of people in their daily life, whether it is Wazaif, Amliyat, or other assistance. We are offering Very Authentic Online Istikhara Services for all Muslims. 

Request: Please tell us your suggestion to improve our website, and share the content you like. You can also become a part of our team by writing something around our niches.