Dhoodh Peene Ki Dua

Milk, a nutritious and versatile food, holds great importance in numerous cultures worldwide. In Islam, it is considered a blessing from Allah and is often consumed during religious occasions. Dhoodh Peene Ki Dua, or the prayer before drinking milk, is an essential practice for Muslims. This blog post will delve into the significance of this … Read more

Nazare bad ki dua 

Nazare bad is an evil eye with a harmful impact that is effective when a person sees another person or thing. The reality of Nazre Bad has been explained clearly in Holy Qur’an. Nazre bad ki Dua is the best solution to prevent and keep safe from harmful effects. In some traditions, envy has been … Read more

Safar ki Dua, Arabic, Urdu and English Translation

Travelling is essential for everyone, whether for business or tourism. Safar Ki Dua is a tool that secures us from unexpected incidents during travelling (Safar). Being Muslims, we believe Islam guides us in every occupation of Life. We can make risk free journey by following the commands of the Quran and Hadith. The Importance of … Read more