Tips for Healthy Ramadan Fasting

Short Description: This article provides tips for a healthy and safe fasting experience during Ramadan. It covers topics such as meal planning, hydration, and exercise. Introduction: Ramadan is a month of spiritual, prayer, and fasting observed by Muslims worldwide. Fasting during Ramadan can be a challenging experience, especially during long summer days. However, one can have … Read more

Importance of understanding Ramadan fasting rules

Fasting is not only about avoiding food and drink. It is a time for spiritual reflection and self-discipline to improve one’s relationship with God and develop empathy for those less fortunate. However, fasting can be challenging for those who need to become more familiar with the rules and regulations of the fast. Understanding the rules … Read more

The Physical Health Benefits of Fasting in Ramadan

This article explores the physical health benefits of fasting during Ramadan, a month-long religious observance observed by millions of Muslims worldwide. Introduction Ramadan is an important religious observance for Muslims worldwide. Ramadan is the month for fasting, prayer, and reflection that commemorates the first revelation of the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad. Fasting is an … Read more

Ramadan, Roza rakhne ki dua, roza kholne ki dua

Ramadan (رمضان) is the holy month of Islam, full of blessings and forgiveness. Every Muslim wishes to preserve the maximum acceptance of this month. We thank Allah almighty, He blessed this glorious month once again so we can seek forgiveness of our sins. Ramadan is a very spiritual month for Muslims as compared to other months. … Read more